• Fundamental of Computer - Devices Introduction

    Reporter: Adhyan Guruji
    Published: Thursday, September 24, 2020
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    Computer Devices

    The device that is used to put information into a computer or to obtain information.


    Input-output Device


    There are 2 Types of Devices

    Ø  Input device

    §  Keyboard

    §  Mouse

    §  Joystick

    §  Light pen

    §  Scanner

    §  Trackball

    §  Microphone

    §  MICR

    §  OCR

    §  Bar code scanner

    §  OMR Scanner

    Ø  Output devices

    §  Monitor (CRT/FPD)

    §  Printers

    §  Graphics Plotter

    §  Audio Speaker

    §  Headphone

    §  Projector

    Ø  Dual (Input/output) devices

    §  Touch Screen Monitor

    §  Headset

    §  Modem (internal / External)

    §  NIC

    §  Sound Card

    §  Flash Drive

    §  Disk Drive

    ·         FDD

    ·         HDD

    §  CD/DVD Drive

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