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  • Output Device - Computer Fundamental

    By Adhyan Guruji → Friday, September 25, 2020


    Output Devices

      §    Monitor

    o   CRT

    o   FPD


    CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)


    Output Device

        Cathode Ray Tube Monitor is the typical monitor that you see on a desktop computer. It looks a lot like a television screen and works the same way. This type uses a large vacuum tube, called cathode ray tube (CRT).

    FPD (Flat-Panel Display Monitor)

    Output Device


    The Flat-Panel display refers to a class of video devices that have reduced volume, weight, and power requirements in comparison to the CRT. Current uses of flat-panel displays include calculators, video games, monitors, laptop computers, and graphics displays.


      §  Printer

    o   Impact Printer

    o   Non-Impact Printer


    Impact Printer

    Impact Printer are Two Types

      §  Character Printers

    o   Dot Matrix Printer –


    Output Device

    Dot Matrix Printer that uses a hammer and ribbon on the pages from dots, the dot matrix printer uses one or two columns of dots hammer that move on the pages to print character. The hammer rapidly presses the ribbon into the paper. These printers are cheap, they can make carbon copies of the printout and the cost of print is very low, maintenance cost is very low as compared to other printers. These types of printer make noise and time-consuming.

    o   Daisy Wheel Printer –


    Output Device

       Daisy wheel printers print only characters and symbols and cannot print graphics. Working with daisy wheel printers is very similar to typewriters.  The printing element rotates rapidly with the help of a servo motor and pauses to allow the printing hammer to strike the character against the paper.

       §  Line printers

    o   Drum Printer –



    Output Device

    An impact printer in which a complete set of characters for each print position on a line is on a continuously rotating drum behind an inked ribbon, with paper in front of the ribbon; identical characters are printed simultaneously at all required positions on a line, on the fly, by signal-controlled hammers.

    o   Chain Printer -


    Output Device

        The print element in a chain printer is a metallic band or chain containing the embossed characters that rotate horizontally in front of the paper. A complete chain consists of the five sections; each section consists of 48 characters. As the print chain rotates, properly timed print hammers to strike the paper along with linked ribbon, against the proper character on the chain as it passes. Chain printer is one of the fastest impact printers that can produce up to 400 to 2500 characters per second. 

    Non-Impact Printer

     Non-Impact Printer are Two Types

       §  Laser Printers



    A laser the printer is a popular type of personal computer printer that uses a non-impact (keys don't strike the paper), photocopier technology. When a document is sent to the printer, a laser beam "draws" the document on a selenium-coated drum using electrical charges. After the drum is charged, it is rolled in toner, a dry powder type of ink. The toner adheres to the charged image on the drum. The toner is transferred onto a piece of paper and fused to the paper with heat and pressure. After the document is printed, the electrical charge is removed from the drum and the excess toner is collected

       §  Inkjet Printer



    Output Device

     The most popular printer for home computer users that prints by spraying streams of quick-drying ink on paper. The ink is stored in disposable ink cartridges, and often a separate cartridge is used for each of the major colors. These colors are usually CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). The picture is an example of a computer inkjet printer.

        §  Graphics Plotter



    Output Device


    The plotter is used for several applications e.g. architectural plan of the building design of mechanical components of aircraft and many engineering applications. It is used to provide high precision drawing and can produce graphics of various sizes. The speed of producing output is high. The plotter is two type

    1.      Drum plotter

    2.      Flatbed plotter (Used in the following design – Cars, Ship, Airplanes, road, and highway).


       §  Audio Speaker


    Output Device

          Speakers are popular output devices used with computer systems. They receive audio input from the computer's sound card and produce audio output in the form of sound waves.


      §  Headphone


    Output Device

    Headphones are a hardware device that can be plugged into a computer, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player, or another device to privately listen to audio without disturbing anyone in the vicinity. They are plug-and-play devices and do not require any sort of installation before use.


      §  Projector


    Output Device

    A digital projector is an electronic device that is capable of connecting to a computer or other device and projecting the video output onto a screen or wall. Digital projectors can be either fixed onto the ceiling, placed on a stand, or can even be portable. Digital projectors are used in situations such as office training or presentation sessions, classroom teaching, and home cinemas.