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  • Other Input Device with Image - Computer Fundamental

    By Adhyan Guruji → Friday, September 25, 2020





    Input Device

     A computer mouse is a handheld hardware Input device that controls a cursor in a Graphical user interface and can move and select text, icons, files, and folders on your computer

    Mouser work on the following concept

    ·         Move the Mouse Pointer

    ·         Open or execute any Program

    ·         Select the text or object

    ·         Drag and drop

    ·         Scroll the page

    ·         Special work with the right button click





     Input Device



    The joystick is an input device commonly used to control video games. Joysticks consist of a base and a stick that can be moved in any direction. The stick can be moved slowly or quickly and in different amounts. 


    Light Pen

    Input Device



    A light pen is a computer input device that looks like a pen. The tip of the light pen contains a light-sensitive detector that enables the user to point to or select objects on the display screen. It is not compatible with LCD screens, so it is not in use today. It also helps you draw on the screen if needed. 



    Input Device