• Tally Prime (VAT)

    Reporter: Adhyan Guruji
    Published: Thursday, October 27, 2022
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     Tally Prime


    In India GST Introduced on 1st July 2017 but before we use VAT in our invoice for local sales. There is another country which not working with GST they are still using VAT e.g. Bangladesh, Saudi Arab etc...


    ·       Step-1

    Create firm and change the country


























    ·             Fill firm Tin number and activity code after apply tax rate as per country.









    ·       Step-2

    Create – Ledger


    1-    Input Vat @15%




    2-    Output Vat @ 15%









    3-    Purchase













    4-    Sales











    5-    Creditor











    6-    Debtor










    ·       Step-3

    Create - Unit





    Create - Item






    ·       Step-4

    Gateway of Tally – Voucher – Press F9 (Purchase) and F2 for Transaction Date









    Gateway of Tally – Voucher – Press F8 (Sales)








    Check Tax Payable

    Gateway of Tally – Balance Sheet – Press Alt+F1 (Details)





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