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  • Word - Introduction

    By Adhyan Guruji → Sunday, September 27, 2020


    MS-Word (Theory)

    What is MS-Word and its use?

    MS-Word is a part of the MS-Office Package, We can Use MS-Word for making documentation, Table Work, Resume Making, Create Report, or any other Document. The latest MS-Office version is MS-Office 2019. MS-Word is advance version of WordPad. In MS-Word Maximum 32,767 Pages Insert in Single Document. Default title of page is Document1 and .DOCX is the extension of Word Document.

    MS-Word has the following important features

    ·         Style Creation

    ·         Auto correction

    ·         Spelling and grammar checking

    ·         Document Design

    ·         Compare Files

    ·         Working with images/Logo in Documentation

    ·         Review Documents

    ·         Mail-Merge (Multiple Documents creation)

    ·         Digitally signature


    Other useful important Keys Point in MS-Word.

    o   Status Bar

    Show the information about the total number of words, the current and total number of pages in the document, View mode (Zoom in/ Zoom out), current dictionary information (United States), and spell & Grammar Errors. Zoom view % should be between 90% to 110%. And layout in print Layout mode. It shows the bottom of the document. Here is an image of the status bar.


    o   Ruler (Vertical and Horizontal) and Page Margin (Top/ Bottom / Right and Left)

    It is used to measure the Page Layout in Inches also we can change the measurement setting and show it in Picas, Millimeter, Point, or centimeter in the Setting (Advance) area. In Vertical ruler we can set (Top/Bottom) Margin and In Horizontal Ruler we can set (Left and Right Margin). In Horizontal Ruler we can set the Tab Setting for Tab Key by Double click in Ruler Section, Maximum and Minimum measurement between -22 to 22. Here is an image of a Ruler.



    o   Title Bar

    Show the information about Document name, Minimize file, Restore or Maximize and close the file icon. We can set the Quick Access toolbar icon it shows the left side area which we can use in our document.


    o   Scroll Bar (Horizontal / Vertical)

    With the use of a Vertical Scroll bar using a mouse click, we can move the page down or up easily and if our page zoom is more than 120% then horizontal scroll bar show automatically to the scroll page left or right.  




    o   Working TAB

    In MS-word there is 8 Tabs for working,

    1.       Home Tab

    2.       Insert Tab

    3.       Design Tab

    4.       Page Layout Tab

    5.       Reference Tab

    6.       Mailings Tab

    7.       Review Tab

    8.       View Tab


    File Menu Show 1st and then 8 Default Tab, but if any Commands activate then related TAB will automatically open. E.gTable Related (Design Tab and Layout Tab), Image Related (Format Tab) etc…

    Let’s Study about File Menu and ALL other Working Tabs in MS-Word