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    Reporter: Adhyan Guruji
    Published: Monday, September 28, 2020
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    Design Tab


    ·         Document formatting




    o   Themes – Theme is a set of different color and style of font, if we already applied any style from the Home tab and change the theme from Design Tab, it show different look and make document look change instantly.

    o   Colors – change only theme color if already color applied.

    o   Fonts – change only font color.

    o   Paragraph Spacing – change the line spacing of paragraph e.g. Compact, Relaxed, Tight etc…

    o   Effects – if any smart-art create on document it change the outline effect of smart-art.




    ·         Page Background



    Page background section used for add watermark (picture and text), page color and page and paragraph border

    o   Watermark – Add watermark effect on document, it show the text behind the document paragraph, watermark can modify (size, color and its orientation).

    o   Page color – using page color we can fill page by color, pattern, texture and effective color(multi-color) we can set the picture on page background

    o   Page border – set page border and paragraph border, border can customize (border width, border color) and different border art on document can apply.

    Page Layout Tab


    ·         Page Setup



    o   Margins – Set the page margin Normal, wide and narrow for set the data on page

    o   Orientation- change the orientation in Portrait or Landscape mode

    o   Size – Set the paper size according to print, Normal Paper size is A4, Letter, A5, Legal or any other paper size we can set in this section.

    o   Columns – Convert/split document data in multiple columns, maximum 13 column we can set on page.  We can add line between the columns and spacing between columns.

    o   Breaks – Breaks command add page or jump next page in document ( next Page , odd/Even Page or Column Break)

    o   Line Numbers -  it set the line number in margin section and show the line continuously , we can easily count the line of paragraph on document, line number can be remove selected paragraph or restart the line number on each page/each section.

    o   Hyphenation – it automatically hyphenate our text which is not adjust in the line and space auto adjust for next line.


    ·         Paragraph



    o   Indent Indent left move the paragraph from the left margin, and indent right move the paragraph from the right margin.

    o   Spacing -  if we increase Spacing before it add the space above the selected paragraph, and Spacing After add the space after the selected paragraph , Maximum spacing can add 1584 pt between paragraph.



    ·         Arrange



    o   Position- it change the position of object around the paragraph on document.

    o   Wrap Text - it adjust the text around the shape in different wrap option. E.g. Square, Top and bottom, though, In front of text, Behind text etc…

    o   Bring forward / Send Backward – Bring the selected object front side one level using bring forward command , and send object back one level for using send backward command.

    o   Selection pane – In Selection pane section, we can arrange order of object, show/hide single or all object in one go.

    o   Align -  Align the object of selected Multiple Object in Center, right, Left with object align or page align

    o   Group – Join multiple object in Single g object, we can move them all object with single mouse draw.

    o   Rotate – Rotate the object or flip the object in Horizontal/vertical, Rotate Left/Right.


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