• Busy-Accounting

    In this Busy

    Accounting course, you will Learn 20+ Chapter with Videos


    1. Cash-Bank Book with Discount


    2.Profit & Loss with Balance Sheet


    3.Purchase / Sales with Return


    4.GST Entry Type voucher


    5.Credit – Debit note Entry


    6.GST-Inclusive Voucher


    7.GST –E-way Bill


    8.ParameterizeEntry Item


    9.Batchwise Stock Entry


    10.Scheme Voucher Add


    11. Free Item Entry


    12. Stock Transfer Entry


    13. Currency Creation - Export


    14.Budget Preparation


    15.Purchase Order Maintain


    16.Sales Order Maintain


    17.Sales-man Commission Invoice


    18.Acutal and Bill Invoice


    19.Manufacture Invoice


    20.Purchase – Sales Quotation Entry


    21.Payroll Management


    22.Short Keys and Other Helpful File for Practice.



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