• MsWord_Content

    •	Home Tab Explanation 
    (Formatting / Find and Replace (Advance) / Alignment of Data / Style creation and 
    more with 6 Practical Exercise (Fully Explained). + Videos 
    •	Insert Tab Explanation 
    (Table Commands ALL, Cover Page, Header and footer setting / Charts Creation, Symbols 
    Working, Linking with Bookmark and website and more with 6 Practical Exercise. (Fully Explained). + Videos.
    •	Design Tab, Layout Tab, Reference Tab
     (Fully Explained) with Videos and Practical Assignment
    •	Mailing Tab (How to create Mailing List)
    Officially use and its Importance with Assignment + Videos
    •	Review Tab / View Tab – 
    (Track changes / Protect Document / Proofing / Compare data, Document Views) 
    Fully Explained with Assignment. + Videos
    •	Advance Setting of Word Document Explained.  
    •	Theory PDF Provide to you in Simple English ALL Tabs Explanation
    •	Short KEY PDF – How to Work Fast for create Document and other Settings
    Test Paper for Practical Assignment when you Complete All Videos Attach in the Last of PDF
    30+ PDF on Word Documentation + 46 Videos Fully Explanation of MS-Word
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