• Computer Application in Business - chapter 1

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    Published: Monday, November 29, 2021
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    CHAPTER – 1



    Q-1 What is Computer? Define it Characteristics?


    Computer is a device that accepts information and manipulates it. Computer can process both numerical and non-numerical calculation. Some features of computer describe below.


    1.      VersatileNow a days, computer become a part of human life, mostly people work depend on computers. For e.g. Teaching, Forecasting, Railway, Weather measure, Banking, Hospital etc. Computer has been a part, with their extended flexibility they are used.


    2.      CheaperComputer are short term investment in order to achieve a long term gain, Computer reduce Manpower in comparison of work. Its work and calculation is very reliable, If program or code  by the user successfully done.


    3.      Storage CapacityNow a day’s power of remembering is not successfully done by human being in comparison to Computer Storage , We can Store unlimited data storage capacity for spending Minimum charges. Because data is very important and needful to every organization.


    4.      DiligenceComputer works long time without any rest like human being, A computer not tired , No lacks of Accuracy and Confidence if computer continuously work.


    5.      SpeedThere is no bound of speed if computer work, it work faster as compared to human being take more time to complete work  E.g. calculation of currency in Banking Sector , Searching  Records from the database etc.


    6.      No Feeling - Computers are devoid of emotion. They have no feeling and no instincts because they are machine although men have succeeded in building a memory for the computer, but no computer possesses the equivalent of a human heart and soul. They are only as good as man makes and uses them.

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