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    Q-2 Describe Computer Advantages and Its Limitation?




    1.      Store Information and Reduce wasteComputer are capable of storing of information. For e.g. computer and device like e-book can store million of e-book, If computer have enough storage, being able to Store Movie, Song, Document etc. We can quickly find whatever we store and share the information between device.


    2.      Connected with peopleUsing internet on computer we can get knowledge , ideas and  sharing data from one computer to another computer is very easy , that is main advantage of computer, if someone urgently needs any document than it easily received by another person using computer.


    3.      EntertainedUsing computer now a days, we don’t need television or Led, we can use computer for our entertainment like video games , watching movie, listen a song and many more using internet on our computer , we also connect our Pc like a television using TV tuner card.


    4.      Education- Many companies use computers as a training tool at work. Due the increased advancement in technology and business trends, it is very important for a business to train their employee’s new skills. So for a business to save money in this process of training employees, computers can be used to educate and update their employees. However, to save time, Virtual communication software like SKYPE can be used to train employees virtually.



    1.      No Self Intelligence - Today, a computer is able to do a work which is impossible for man. Computers are used to do risky and dangerous work and where sharp actually is needed. But it does not have any intelligence of its own. It works according to the instruction only.


    2. No learning power-Computer has no learning power. Once you give instructions to a computer how to perform a task, the task is cannot perform if you do not give it any instructions for the next time. For example, when you are taught how to solve a problem and it same type of problem is given to you to solve, then you can do it because you have learned how to solve the problem. 


       CommonsenseA computer does not have a commonsense like a human being , it carries out the instruction as given in the program. For e.g.  if we write two amount and ask computer which is greater , it cannot be show the result if we not set any program to compare both of them.


    Unquestioning device -  Computer not answer our question if that question not program in their memory, so computer are unquestioning device, they don’t feel like human and they do not understand  ethics.


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