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  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Maintain - Tally Prime

    By Adhyan Guruji → Wednesday, November 11, 2020

    Profit and Loss Account maintain in Tally Prime

    What is Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet?

    Profit and Loss statement (P&L), is a financial report that shows a company's revenues and expenses over a given period of time, Company time period between 1st April for Present Year up to 31st March for next year.

    A balance sheet is a statement of the financial position of a business which states the assets, liabilities, and owners' Capital at a particular point in time. In other words, the balance sheet illustrates the business's net worth.

    ·         Major Key Points

    o   How to create Ledger Entry and check P&L A/c and Balance Sheet

    o   How to Delete and Modify in Ledger

    o   How to check Trial Balance

    o   Short cut keys for Modify Ledger / Delete Ledger or Details Ledger

    How to do P&L Question in Tally just follows the below rules


    F Create New company

    F Set features Maintain Inventory‘No’

    F Gateway of Tallyà Create à Ledger

    Insert all Ledgers which are given in question with Correct Group and Amount


    F Gateway of Tallyà Profit & Loss A/c à Press (Alt + F2) changer period in 1 year.

    F Gateway of Tallyà Balance sheet à Press (Alt + F2) changer period in 1 year


    Note (Remember these points otherwise P&L or Balance sheet Invalid)

    §  Purchase Return or Return outward is same        à Purchase A/c  àCr.

    §  Sales Return or Return Inward is same                 à Sales A/c          àDr.

    • Drawing or Proprietor Drawing is same               à Capital A/c     àDr.
    • Closing stock Entry must be define with opening stock, Press Esc Key for Ledger screen and from Gateway of Tally press Enter on Alter then Enter on Ledger Select opening Stock then Press 5 times enter (insert closing date e.g. 31-3-2021) and Fill Closing Stock amount (e.g. 7000) press 4 times enter for save


    If Some Mistake in amount or Group Maintain, then  

     Gateway of Tally à Charts of Accounts à Ledger à Press Alt+H Key (for Change View) – Enter on Multi Alter  à All Items, 

    Enter Correct Amount or Group in wrong entry then. Press (ctrl + A) to save or accept changes you change in ledger alter otherwise entry Not Save or Change.

     Practical Example

    Prepare the Trading & Profit and Loss A/C or Balance sheet as on 31stMar2020.















    General expenses










    Return outward


    Sales return





    Stock 1-4-2019








    Carriage on sales







    Carriage inward








    Closing Stock



    (Ans. G.P à 4,100, N.P à 2,400, Balance Sheet à6,100)

    Watch Video - 

    Complete Course with all PDf and Question - Visit Premium Website

  • Tally Prime - Upgrade Tally ERP9

    By Adhyan Guruji → Monday, November 9, 2020

     Tall Prime is a new update of Tally ERP9, here is some Example of working in Tally Prime

    • The difference in Old/ New Tally

    • Learn Basic Ledger and Fundamental in Tally Prime.

    • How to Create Company in Tally Prime, Alter in Company, Backup and Restore Company Data

  • Design Tab - MS-Word

    By Adhyan Guruji → Monday, September 28, 2020


    Design Tab


    ·         Document formatting




    o   Themes – Theme is a set of different color and style of font, if we already applied any style from the Home tab and change the theme from Design Tab, it show different look and make document look change instantly.

    o   Colors – change only theme color if already color applied.

    o   Fonts – change only font color.

    o   Paragraph Spacing – change the line spacing of paragraph e.g. Compact, Relaxed, Tight etc…

    o   Effects – if any smart-art create on document it change the outline effect of smart-art.




    ·         Page Background



    Page background section used for add watermark (picture and text), page color and page and paragraph border

    o   Watermark – Add watermark effect on document, it show the text behind the document paragraph, watermark can modify (size, color and its orientation).

    o   Page color – using page color we can fill page by color, pattern, texture and effective color(multi-color) we can set the picture on page background

    o   Page border – set page border and paragraph border, border can customize (border width, border color) and different border art on document can apply.

    Page Layout Tab


    ·         Page Setup



    o   Margins – Set the page margin Normal, wide and narrow for set the data on page

    o   Orientation- change the orientation in Portrait or Landscape mode

    o   Size – Set the paper size according to print, Normal Paper size is A4, Letter, A5, Legal or any other paper size we can set in this section.

    o   Columns – Convert/split document data in multiple columns, maximum 13 column we can set on page.  We can add line between the columns and spacing between columns.

    o   Breaks – Breaks command add page or jump next page in document ( next Page , odd/Even Page or Column Break)

    o   Line Numbers -  it set the line number in margin section and show the line continuously , we can easily count the line of paragraph on document, line number can be remove selected paragraph or restart the line number on each page/each section.

    o   Hyphenation – it automatically hyphenate our text which is not adjust in the line and space auto adjust for next line.


    ·         Paragraph



    o   Indent Indent left move the paragraph from the left margin, and indent right move the paragraph from the right margin.

    o   Spacing -  if we increase Spacing before it add the space above the selected paragraph, and Spacing After add the space after the selected paragraph , Maximum spacing can add 1584 pt between paragraph.



    ·         Arrange



    o   Position- it change the position of object around the paragraph on document.

    o   Wrap Text - it adjust the text around the shape in different wrap option. E.g. Square, Top and bottom, though, In front of text, Behind text etc…

    o   Bring forward / Send Backward – Bring the selected object front side one level using bring forward command , and send object back one level for using send backward command.

    o   Selection pane – In Selection pane section, we can arrange order of object, show/hide single or all object in one go.

    o   Align -  Align the object of selected Multiple Object in Center, right, Left with object align or page align

    o   Group – Join multiple object in Single g object, we can move them all object with single mouse draw.

    o   Rotate – Rotate the object or flip the object in Horizontal/vertical, Rotate Left/Right.

  • Insert Tab MS-Word Tutorial

    By Adhyan Guruji → Sunday, September 27, 2020


    •             Pages


    Section used for creating stylish cover page adds in document or page break easily.

     o   Cover Page We can add a full cover page any section on the document with a title, author, date, and other information about our document. Using save the selection to cover page gallery we can add cover pages and modify or remove them easily.

    o   Blank Page if we want to wrap our text into another page with one blank page we need to add the blank page command.

    o   Page Break (Ctrl+ Enter) insert a new blank page in the document it goes next page without press enters a command.


    •     Table

     In Table , Select boxes for create Rows and Column , Maximum 10 column and 8 Rows can create using boxes , and with Insert table command we can create maximum 63 column and 32767 Rows in single document. Draw table use for custom table e.g. for bill and any other table related drawing. There is many other option after create a table some as follows:

    o   Different table style with a border or no border design

    o   Using draw table and erase, customize table easily

    o   We can arrange table data in Ascending/Descending order

    o   Simple the calculation formula for Sum. Average can apply using (Ctrl+F9) apply formula and run formula by F9 Key

    o   Table data alignment , Cell Margin, Autofit our table data

    o   Merge cells convert the column into a single cell

    o   Re-assigne column the width and row height

    o   Split table any position that conver our table into multiple tables.

    •              Illustration

    o   Picture Picture Command is used for place images from the computer drive into the document and Format Tab open for picture setting. Using the Format tab we can adjust our picture for the following points

      Remove the Background area.

      Correction picture colors (Brightness and contrast)

    -  Add artistically effect on picture/picture effect (Shadow/ Reflection / glow…)

    - Add Picture border / Picture layout (Title Apply) / Position of the picture and how to adjust text using wrap Text command. Wrap on the picture can easily move pictures anywhere if the image locked (not move).

    Crop Picture / Resize picture / Picture orientation

    o   Online Picture – Use to insert any picture online (Internet must be connected for this command)

    o   Shape we can insert the readymade shapes into our document. E.g. Arrow shape, flow chart, starts, and banner, etc… when we draw shape on documents its related Format tab open for shape setting. Using the Format the tab we can adjust our Shape fill, Shape outline color, and apply differently shape effects with Format Tab.

    o   Smart Art – Represent our work with Diagram (different style List, Process, hierarchy etc…). Design Tab helps us to manage our diagram color, Layout, add shape if needed, and different Smart art Style for manage our diagram.    

    o   Chart – Chart helps us to show our table data in different chart style, Chart can be created in Column Type, Bar Type, Line Type, and many other available. Design and Format tab open while any chart design. With the help of Design Tab command we can Do

               - Different chart style
    - Switch data in Row to Column
     -  Select Data (Range – How much data show in Chart Area)
    - Edit our Table data (Add / Delete) more row and column, Automatically adjusted in the chart
    - Add Different chart Elements and change the chart type easily

    o   Screenshot it helps us to add a snapshot of an active window into the current document.

    •              Links

    Links section helps us to create links between document and any other web address.

    o   Bookmark (Ctrl+ Shift + F5)Bookmark is a specified location in our document which is created after place a cursor or selection of text in the document. It works with a hyperlink to show the current location of the bookmark, it can be modify or delete.

    o   Hyperlink (Ctrl+ K) - This command provides the facility to link any bookmark (firstly create bookmark), document or any other web address (website link). Hyperlink open the link with Ctrl+ Mouse Click.


    •      Cross Reference – Cross  reference is auto-linked of heading , bookmark, table, or any other caption create, place a cursor, and insert reference type for link cross-reference.

    •                   Comments / Header and footer


    o   Comments (Ctrl+ Alt + M) - comments is used add a note about any word or para, it can be as a contact number, address or any other note.

    o   Header / footer It helps us to repeat content on every page e.g. Document title, any company name or logo can be a repeat, Header used for declare Top area and Footer for declare bottom area of the document. (Header and footer can apply by double click in the margin area of top and bottom)

    o   Page number – Page number helps us to arrange our document pages, it can be in Number format, alphabet, and roman format. Top of the page apply for the page number in the top area with left, center, and right alignment and same for Bottom of page area alignment.